Is this true Bout our beloved MP?

Hon.Winnie is remembered for her attempts to slap a Karamajongo woman begging on streets

This article was published by Dr. Owor Kipenji. Read through and leave your comment

Here it goes……

I have for a very long time disputed Mr Museveni’s assertion as the only one with vision to lead Uganda.However,following the euphoria that has greeted the so called Opposition electoral victory in a string of bye-elections and most recently that of Kasese,I am grudgingly coming to accept that actually Mr Museveni could have all along been right to state he and he alone at the moment is the mono-eyed King among the myriad of the visually challenged Ugandans.
First forward,even in established democracies,governing parties rarely win in bye-elections.The reason for it being varied ranging from voter indifference et fatigue to seeing no added values in the results of the bye-elections.

For Uganda,we must realize that the ratio of the NRM MPs to the Opposition MPs is about 8-9:1.So,for the Opposition to really start getting the tantrums about unseating Mr Museveni,they need to win 120-150 bye-elections so that they begin to impact on this disequilibrium in parliament.

So,our euphoria is just like a tear claiming to be an ocean!. So,who is the most beneficiary in all this bye-election fuss? It is of course the mono-eyed visionary Mr Museveni himself. By celebrating these small triumphs which is in line with what management studies say,we are helping improve on Mr Museveni’s democratic principles.He will cite how many times in the bye-elections he went to campaign for his party’s candidate and when the electorate never elected that candidate,he congratulated the victors in the spirit of democractic governance.

These bye-elections are being organized by an electoral commission that was once derided by the Opposition.Now with these small successes,we are endorsing the commission for being up to the task.
So,tell me,how will you make changes in the electoral laws and the composition of the electoral commission that you have already eulogized?

Mr Museveni is actually playing the Opposition and most of us are unaware of the bigger plan. Come 2016,how many Nambozes will be campaigning in Kasese,Bukoto West etc for the Opposition without risking their own seats?

Let Opposition to Museveni be based on programs that are counter to the one Museveni is following otherwise simply yakking Museveni must go is not enough glue to precipitate the real political change Uganda is in dire need of. For example,we all talk about the endemic corruption that Mr Museveni is presiding over.What is the cause of this? Is Corruption a Ugandan based vice? Unfortunately not! It is a world wide problem.In other countries because the conditions that promote corruption is well taken care of (i.e unemployment),many of the citizens of these countries rarely sit down to discuss corruption as they are always trying to keep themselves within the orbits of the rat race called employment.

If one were to look at the hordes that follow opposition leaders in their pet subjects of W2W,A4C or W2E(eat),most of these fellows are unemployed and vent their anger on the lack of visionary planning on our mono-eyed visionary leader. All that Mr Museveni has achieved in the job sector is to create jobs where political patronage is the order of the day i.e the creation of the myriad of county and village-based districts so that he can appoint RDCs,DISO,etc etc who owe everything about their jobs to him.

This is what we need to break. I am wondering whether when the opposition comes to power,they will be able to reverse some of these village and county based districts. The health sector is not worth talking anything encouraging about,and so is the education and agro-based sector.

So,instead of jubilating for the constituents of Kasese,voting back their original choice to parliament,we should ask the opposition leaders to show us what their plans for Uganda are and how they will execute it and if it is affordable there be no reason why Ugandans would not vote for them.


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